Oriental Rugs & Pet Stains

We do understand that mishaps happen. And although it’s awful to examine a terrible accidental pet defecation, pee, and regurgitation on your oriental rug, it’s a common issue that numerous oriental rug proprietors confront. These “mishaps” if not treated promptly and additionally professionally, can bring about smells and lingering stains inside the strands of your oriental rug.



Albeit almost all oriental rugs – the vast majority of which are produced using cotton or cotton/wool blend – are helpless against perpetual harm from pet stains. The oriental rugs that incorporate silk filaments are particularly at risk with regards to damage from pet mischances.

Go through our tips to help keep your pet from staining your oriental rug by any chance, and to guide you on how to clean your oriental rugs if it happens:

Oriental rug pet stain aversion.

1. Train your pet.

The most ideal and trusted approach is to enable your pet to figure out how to abstain from treating your oriental rug as a restroom and to train him with a whistle or a bell to make him go out  On the off chance that your pet tends to misbehave when you’re not in the house, consider putting him/her in a carton or restricted room far from your oriental rug, when you’re not at home.

2. Make your pet’s designed Restroom area appealing.

At times, the issue (particularly with cats) behind your pet’s inclination to pee on your oriental rug doesn’t really mean they wished to do it on the rug; but the reason sometimes is that they didn’t feel enticed by the restroom spot you have designed for them. In case you have a cat, try to make the litter box as appealing and as conceivable as possible; ensuring that it is situated in a calm, dark, and private region, with a new litter, provided every now and then.



3. Make your oriental rug ugly for your pet.

Cats and puppies dislike a few odor and surfaces; thus by setting these components around your oriental rug, you can enable your dog or cat to avoid coming near it.

Oriental rug pet stain removal.

1. Warm water.

The first and the most secure strategy you ought to use when your pet urinates, or retches on your oriental rug is to expel the material with warm water and a towel. Quickly after the mishap takes place, smudge the area with a warm wet towel.

2. Proficient cleaning.

Proficient cleaning is the most trusted strategy for expelling stains from an oriental rug. Proficient oriental rug cleaners possess productive and time-trusted cleaning techniques that expel risky stains without harming your oriental rug.




3. Warm water and vinegar.

In case warm water doesn’t expel your pet’s mishap, try including a small amount of white vinegar to make the water warmer, and then utilize this to smear off the stain. Try not to include any other cleaning agent to your answer, as this will probably aggravate the stain and permanently stain your oriental rug.