Types Of Rugs

Area rugs are decorating accessories that people use to beautify their homes. They can be placed in any open space be it at home, or at the office. Rugs create a sense of warmth and comfort. Area rugs serve two purposes: functionality and appeal.

There are different types of rugs available in the market around the world today. They come in myriad different colors, fabrics, shapes, and sizes. For you to make a worthwhile purchase, you need to know the types of area rugs that exist. The rugs are either mechanically mass produced or handmade.

1) Handmade Area Rugs

As the name suggests, these area rugs are handmade. There are two types of handmade rugs. They include the Pile rugs and Flatweave rugs.

a. The Pile Rugs

Manufacturers produce the rugs in layers or piles of material weaved over each other. These area rugs are hand-loomed, handmade, hand tufted, Shag or hand-hooked. Interior designers consider the hand-knotted rugs as the best Pile rugs ever made. They make them individually, tying knots to make room-size fitting rugs. One hand knotted rug can have from 20 to 1000 knots per square inch.

The average area rug has 100 knots per square inch and takes close to two and a half years to complete. The intricate and painstaking handwork that is put in making these beautiful rugs make the hand-knotted rug very expensive compared to other rugs. The final product is usually high-end and has minimal chances of production errors.

b. Flatweave Rugs

These rugs are flat because weavers use warp and weft strands. These strands are used as the foundation of the rug and they serve to create the overall design of the rug. Weavers change the different colors and width of the weft strands to create different beautiful designs. This weaving method is used on most of the American native rugs. Flatweave rugs are budget-friendly and easy to clean.

2) Machine Rugs

These rugs are machine-made using synthetic materials. Sometimes wool is also used. Due to the mechanized technology utilized, the woven rugs are inferior to machine-produced rugs. They appear cheap, hard to repair when torn, and have little durability. They, however, have a perfect symmetry around the edges with a fringe, that differentiates them from the handmade rugs.

The handmade rugs have way more value, functionality, beauty, and durability than the machine-made area rugs. Experts consider these area rugs a true work of art. The machine area rugs are, however, more pocket-friendly compared with the handmade rugs. The decision on what kind of area rug to purchase will depend on your personal preferences.

If you wish to purchase a rug, you should consider two things. If it has to serve an aesthetic purpose, a handmade rug would be the perfect option as it features many beautiful designs that are very artistic. If one wants to purchase a rug for functionality, maybe to place in the foyer or the front office entrance. A mechanically made rug would be a better option. The mechanically made rug is also appropriate for low-income earners.