Best Way To Clean A Shag Rug

Shag rugs have made a comeback. They are plushy and thick and provide a cozy feel to the feet when you are walking on them. Their wide varieties of modern designs, colors and textures assist in bringing out an element of ambiance and personality and a good look into a room. 

Shag rugs make a comfortable, and an appealing section of interior decor and regular and conscientious maintenance must be observed to maintain its quality and look. Just like any other rugs and carpets, shag rugs inhibit many of microorganisms and dirt. It is difficult to clean these types of contemporary rugs because they are made with denser materials and a long pile. 

Below are some recommended steps to help you maintain your shag rugs:

Remove Stains Immediately

Remove stains from any fabric furnishing immediately. It is the most important rule when it comes to maintenance. The unattended stain will turn out to be a permanent stain on the rug over time. 

Always get rid of any remaining stains on the rug before blotting the stain. Blot the stain using a clean damp cloth. If necessary, you can apply a mild detergent on the stain, preferably laundry detergent. Blot the stains with foam of laundry detergent or brush the foam into the stains using a soft bristled brush.

Try removing the laundry detergent residue from the rug using another piece of clean damp cloth. Try not to use too much water when cleaning the stains on the rug to prevent forming of watermarks on the rug as they are stubborn to get rid of. 

Sun the rug after the stain is cleaned or dry the dump spot by using a hair dryer immediately.

Vacuum Regularly With The Correct Type Of Vacuum Cleaner

Your shag rug needs to be vacuumed at least once or twice a week just like other carpets, depending on the traffic it receives. 

Shag rugs should not be vacuumed using a beater brush because the motorized beater can damage the carpet fiber or loosen the yarn twists. To prevent unnecessary damage, always use the “suction only” function to vacuum your shag rug.

For every thick pile carpet, it is recommended to use a grooming rake to brush the rug fortnightly to maintain the softness and the beauty of your rug. 

Engage Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Your shag rug should be cleaned professionally at least once a year to get rid of the embedded dirt particles thoroughly. Professional cleaning services have the products, tools, and the technical skill to clean the carpet inside out.

Keeping The Rug Smelling Fresh Without Using Chemicals

Occasionally, splash baking soda on the entire rug. Vacuum the rug thoroughly after allowing the baking soda sit on it for almost 30 minutes. The baking soda assists the rug to stay dry and smell fresh. 

Even though a shag rug is more stressful to maintain than any other types of rugs, with diligent effort and commitment, it is possible to manage your shag rug efficiently. Carpets that are regularly cleaned and maintained have a longer lifespan.